FFP3 NR Medical Mask with Fluid Resistant Barrier

The best fitting medical
mask on the market.

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Outperforms Competitors in Fit Tests

If you haven’t been fit tested for your respiratory mask, it may leave you exposed to airborne diseases such as TB, Ebola and Bird Flu

Patented Soft Inner Face Seal

We have the widest and softest inner face seal on the market. That’s because we recognise the need to create a strong seal between the mask and the face. So talking, or carrying out exerting work such as lifting a patient won’t break the seal

Super Low Breathing Resistance

Lower breathing resistance means that when you exhale, the mask isn’t pushed away from your face by your exhalation. This improves the face seal, protecting the wearer. It also means that we don’t need an exhalation valve, so the patient can be protected against the HCW’s bacteria

4 Way Adjustable Strap

Are you using a mask without adjustable straps? The existence of adjustable head straps vastly increases the ability to create and maintain a face seal

Fluid Resistant Barrier

Unlike builders, HCW’s can be exposed to blood splashes. We designed our product with a fluid resistant barrier to protect HCW’s.

Designed for You

Most of the masks on the market are designed for mine workers or builders – generally men. We plan to have two different sizes so that we can protect HCW’s with smaller faces and heads.

Chosen by HSE for EVT

Medifit masks have been chosen by Health Service Executive for use in protecting against Emerging Viral Threats such as Ebola in the HSE hospitals in Ireland. Also meets HSE requirements for all strains of TB.

Next Generation Viral Protection

Medifit P3 respirators filter more than 99% of all particles using next generation filtering with super low breathing resistance. Even stops nasty viruses such as Ebola.

Dispenser Available

We have a dispenser which allows the mask to be dispensed one at a time without cross contamination

Medifit masks fit over 95% of workers. We guarantee it!